How it works:
For administrators

Automated phishing simulations are an excellent cyber awareness utility for administrators. But how does it work exactly and what are their tasks to obtain optimal results?

StEp 1

Customize settings.

After initial start-up, we automatically propose some optimized settings.
Of course, complete personalisation is also possible.

step 2

Registering users.

Users can be created manually one at a time or via a mass upload.

stEp 3

Tailor-made simulations.

Once a user has been created, they will automatically receive several trial simulations.
Read more about how it works for end users.

step 4


Keep a close eye on users with the help of clear graphs and extensive analyses.

Our guarantee

User management

Manage and monitor users easliy via the built-in tools.

Tailor-made planning

Our algorithms deliberately schedule every simulation.


Request targeted simulations on an organizational level.


Awareness is raised in an efficient and memorable way.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, these can be scheduled either immediately or in the future on a date of your choice.

Yes. The landing page is completely customizable.

Yes, an unlimited number of administrators can be added.

Yes, there are 3 recipient domains possible per account.

A trial period can be created via this link or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] 

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