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Automatic Phishing Simulations that keep you on your toes.
Ready in 5 minutes, then it's our turn.

Why Phished?

Revolutionary security

Our smart simulations make sure that your users are protected at all times, even when your firewalls can’t protect them.

Every type of Phishing

Spearphishing, infected attachments, malicious urls, …
Nothing is off limits for us!

Wherever, whenever

Consult the state of all simulations at all times via the easy to use management portal.

Save time

Don’t waste your time giving inefficient trainings to your employees.
Teach them in a real life scenario.

For everyone

Our simulations automatically adjust themselves to everyone, thus we guarantee a unique experience for every end-user.

Stay informed using Phished


Keep up to date about your organisation at all times via the management portal!
Don’t have time to keep an eye on the results?
Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you receive timely updates on all important events in your organisation!

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