How it works:
For recipients

Phished helps companies protect against cyber attacks by training their employees, you,  in detecting the different kind of attacks so that your company doesn’t fall into the hands of cyber criminals blocking the entire company or stealing sensitive data, causing a lot of harm and loss of money.

Training is done by sending real life phishing simulations sent by an AI system that learns from the way you react to those simulations.

Our automatic phishing simulations cover everyone, from the highly skilled IT professional to the largest IT layman. But how do they really work for recipients?

Step 1

User creation.

The administrator of your organisation creates users, either manually or via an integration. Your administrator can choose to automatically send a mail with a detailed explanation.

step 2

Calibration simulations.

Each user receives a calibration test so that we can build a basic profile. We systematically build up this profile until we have an extensive basic profile.

stEp 3

Tailor-made simulations.

From the moment we have a basic profile, we automatically send customised simulations to each user. The administrator can monitor your profile at any time and adjust if needed.

Our guarantee

Tailor-made simulations

Every participant receives tailor-made simulations.

Customized planning

Our algorithms deliberately schedule every simulation.

Extensive follow-up

Algorithms ensure that each simulation will be processed in the user profile.


Awareness is raised in an efficient and memorable way.

Frequently asked questions

Phishing simulations are realistic imitations of phishing attacks. The difference is that data is safe during simulations.

No, only the status of the simulation is saved. This means that we do not store any usernames or passwords.

Administrators can use the management portal to specify which simulations can be received. Users also receive only simulations that apply to their respective profile.
This is all in addition to our algorithms being limited to specific simulations based on the users profile.

Ofcourse. There are two ways to do this:

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