Automated Phishing Simulations

In concrete terms, Phished’s Automated Phishing Simulations consist of 2 major steps: Analysis and Training.


After the creation of the end user, the algorithms are immediately activated for the planning of a calibration test.
This calibration test is unique for each recipient and is based on the function of the end-user involved. On average, between 3 and 6 tests are sent to create an initial profile.
The initial profile is based on a few factors such as click frequency, times, and categories. Once this basic profile has been created, we can start with the second and most important part: the training.



The training phase starts from the basic profile and based on this, Phished’s algorithms personalize all simulations.
The receiver learns to deal with the most realistic and advanced phishing attacks at a fast pace. The smart algorithm closely monitors the receiver and adjusts it where necessary.
Every administrator can also monitor the status of his users and organisation at any time via the management portal.



tailor-made training

Phished’s Automated Phishing Simulations allow users to get to know each other thoroughly and quickly build a detailed profile.u This way, the simulations can be personalised according to the strengths and weaknesses of the recipient.
In this way, Phished can ensure that each user receives an appropriate, tailor-made training course.


Phished encourages users and administrators to constantly test themselves in a playful and efficient way. In concrete terms, this approach has two major positive effects:

  • A learning organisation culture is created.
  • Phishing and cyber security will start to lead their own lives within your organisation.


Phished saves every organization costs in two ways:

  • Recipients learn how to handle Phishing correctly and thus significantly reduce the chance of a successful cyber attack.
  • The IT department does not need to spend time and energy on sending general simulations.

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