How it works:
For managers

How do automated Phishing simulations work for managers?
What are their options and how can they keep an eye on their business?



Keep a close eye on your organisation and its employees via detailed overviews on the management dashboard. This can be done on an individual level as well as on an organisational level.


Executive summary

No time for detailed overviews?
No problem, you can choose to receive a weekly or monthly summary overview.

Our guarantee


Every participant receives tailor-made simulations.

Customized planning

Our algorithms deliberately schedule every simulation.

Extensive follow-up

Algorithms ensure that each simulation will be processed in the user profile.


Awareness is raised in an efficient and memorable way.

Frequently asked questions

Phishing simulations are realistic imitations of phishing attacks. The difference is that any data is safe during simulations.

No, only the status of the simulation is saved. This means that we do not store any usernames or passwords.

Administrators can use the management portal to specify which simulations can be received. Users also receive only simulations that apply to their respective profile.
This is all in addition to our algorithms being limited to specific simulations based on the users profile.

We value the privacy of our customers immensly. This is why we dedicate an entire section of our webportal to privacy related settings and information.

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